On another thread we chatted about installing a dual USB charger in place of the cigarette lighter socket. I’m personally not a real fan of that solution as should it rain I need to unplug everything and can no longer charge my phone or SatNav. Years ago I started using a very simple 12v charger that installed under the seat and have found it to be spot on. The Tenere is the 3rd bike I’ve used it on now and it’s never let me down. Even better, it’s cheap as chips. £9.77 shipped from Amazon plus the cost of the USB cable. Can’t get much better than that. Below are some pics to show how I installed it on the Tenere.

This is what you get when you purchase it. You’ll need to crimp on your own connectors to connect the wires to the battery.

Here’s the converter that I zip-tied to one of the small fuse boxes.

The charger comes with two USBs. Here’s one with the lightning cable for my phone plugged in.

The second one I’ve just taped off for now to keep it clean and dirt free.

To ensure the cable doesn’t vibrate free of the USB socket I use some shrink tubing to hold them firmly together.

Then a second piece to keep the connection dirt and water free.

Then it’s just to run the 1.2m cable up the inside of the trim and up to the nav bar, where a small zip-tie creates a loop that keeps it in place.

The Tenere computer actually has a perfect slot to hold the lightning end firmly in place and out of the way when not in use.

However, to ensure it’s held FIRMLY in place you need to give the connector one layer of shrink tube.

Et voila!

Installation took about 20 mins all in and my wallet barely noticed the meagre cost. These chargers may be cheap but I’ve used them for years on all my bikes and in one car and not one of them has ever let me down.

12v charger on Amazon

On a final note!

It’s good practise to install an inline fuse. The advertising bumph says this:

  • With over-current/ over-voltage/ short-circuit/ over-temperature protection, and automatic recovery, much more safe for you to use.

All good but just for safety’s sake I would (and did) install an inline fuse holder with a 5 amp fuse.


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