The last Saturday of every month the KOA MM (Knights of Antioch Motorcycle Ministry) host a brilliant Bikers Brekkie at Hardley Green, about 15 minutes north of Lymington port. Today was the last Saturday of January!

Each month around 100 to 150 bikers turn up for a chat and a belly full of bacon. MCs, MMs, MCCs and just regular guys and gals off the street, all mingle together in what is always a great atmosphere with plenty of laughs. The bikes are as eclectic as the folks inside the hut (which is actually a functioning church)! Breakfast is free but a donation bucket always gets filled by the end of the morning and the proceeds are given to local charities.

For me the brekkie starts with a 20 minute ride to Yarmouth (Isle of Wight). This morning it was a chilly -2 Celsius so for the first time this winter I donned my Gerbing heated gloves. I personally prefer heated gloves to grips, as when I’m riding, the place that gets the coldest is the back of my hands, not the palms, and from experience, only heated gloves will sort that problem!

Once on the ferry I had my first chance to test the Altrider Adjustable Side Stand during a sea crossing, albeit a very calm crossing. The lean angle is perfect, though, as you can see in the image above, so no worries there! Time for a coffee with friends on the upper deck, after which the 55 minute crossing will be all but over.

Once safely on the terra firma of Lymington it was time for a 5 minute stop to make a call, kit up and then off to Hardley Green!

As is usually the case, as I waited for the return ferry after the brekkie, several other “bikers” emerged from their cars for a chin wag, their respective wives observing us all with ever narrowing eyes..

All in all, a brilliant Saturday morning out, as usual. A good ride, good food, good friends and a shed load of bikes! Can’t see how that gets much better! A huge thanks to my brothers at KOA MM for hosting it and serving tirelessly and selflessly to ensure everyone had a great time.



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