Got the tool box today for the Bumot Pannier Racks. This is a slick solution and if I’d realised it was available a while back I’d have gone with it from the off. As usual with Bumot products it’s very sturdy and the finish is second to none. It has a strong barrel lock with 2 sturdy keys, much better than I expected actually. When opened the door comes away completely, so it’s not hinged and that can be quite handy for accessing stuff within. It attaches using a single bolt underneath and two from the door end that lock it into the pannier frame. All lined up mm perfect. My only gripe is the price. A tool box like this really shouldn’t exceed £70 GBP. The actual price is £110 which I think is ridiculous and utterly excessive for what you get but I coughed up and am begrudgingly happy with the product.


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