Update 6 (08/12/2022
Corey has just posted a new short video addressing the following issues:

1. Spring or bushing causing “binding” on a few samples.
2. New larger pedal tip.
3. New lower pedal tip.
4. New folding pedal tip.

Please take a few minutes to watch it:


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  1. Michael

    I found the video a bit vague. I have mine ordered via rugged roads. But out of stock. Paid for. Which Version will I get? Nothing on camel website. Maybe I will contact rugged roads because I don’t want the fix with issues /pedal too small etc . £172 is a lot

    • Michael, yes, speak to Annette at Rugged Roads. You won’t get ones that are binding because that issue is sorted and I know Corey won’t ship anything sub-standard now that he knows of the problem but the tips are a different ball game. They won’t be ready for 2-3 weeks so you’ll need to wait until the option appears to order them with one of the 3 different tips that will be available. If you want to save time you might think about ordering one direct from Camel ADV. I wouldn’t want to take business away from Rugged Roads because I’m sure they need it so talk to them first, mate.

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