This has been done before but just thought someone might find this half interesting. Looking at rad guards around the net I did find some of the prices a tad extortionate so decided to manufacture one myself.

Started with a sheet of this for £10.

I held it against the rear side of the stock fin cover and marked the cut with a felt tip pen. Cut it out with the Dremel and 6 mini zip ties later it was all in place. Probably took all of 20 mins and saved a fair bit more than 20 pounds/dollars. Here’s the rear side:

And the front:

The stainless steel mesh is strong as heck. I couldn’t cut it with any of my wire cutters, including a large pair that normally works well with more industrial mesh. I had to use the Dremel on this one, instead, so it’ll certainly keep the radiator well protected and the holes are small enough to catch most stuff but not too small so as to restrict airflow. Job done. Now to get it back on the bike!

I’ve now tested this and have had no problems with air flow to the radiator or overheating.


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