My son is now 13 and I’m doing my best to introduce him to both the world and the world of adventure bike travel. My ultimate goal will be to do exactly what these two guys are just about to do, a round the world trip on two bikes. 60 Countries, 5 Continents, 100.000kms! I’m going to follow this journey with great interest and can’t wait to one day emulate it with my little man. Looks like they’re doing it on two Tenere 700s, too! Awesome! Good luck both!


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  1. I have dreams of doing this too, but my daughter is in to cars (shes 12) and my son does not seem too interested just yet, he is 10…. Fingers crossed his love for bikes will grow as mine did by me including him in cleaning my bike and helping fix things etc….and in time such a dream may come true for me and my kids too🤞🙏😁… at the moment all he does is laugh at the joy i express and comment on how big my smile is every time a bike or trike passes us 🤣
    Praying your dream becomes a reality mate 😁🙏🍀👍

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