Please note: This review is in two parts.

1. Unboxing, quality, design and finish.
2. Installation and practical use.

I’ve already reviewed two adjustable side stands for the Tenere 700. The Rally Raid and the T-rex Racing. The former was useless with a 40mm lowered bike and the latter did the job, but not perfectly, so I’m really looking forward to seeing if AltRider took on board my previous findings and solved the problem once and for all. About a year ago I had a long conversation via Zoom with Dylan, who heads up operations for AltRider. I’d reviewed their skid plate a few weeks before and Dylan wanted to chat about future collaborations. During that conversation I brought up the subject of adjustable side stands and let him know my thoughts on the current offerings available, their shortcomings and where they could be improved. He promised to take the idea to his design team and true to his word, a new side stand was released a few weeks ago and one was quickly sent to me to review.

AltRider Stand Specs:

  • 7 adjustable height settings, including factory height, up to1 inch (2.5 cm) higher than factory, or up to two inches (5 cm) lower than factory
  • Adjustable in 0.5 inch (1.25 cm) increments
  • Convex foot ensures large and stable contact patch, no matter the terrain or suspension height
  • Enlarged foot won’t sink into soft ground
  • Comes with upgraded spring
  • Available in black finish

As soon as I opened the package I knew I was handling an Altrider product. In my experience, when AltRider design a new product, it’s not just about how it works but also how it looks and feels.

Their products really are like no other and they work hard to do things differently. Look at all the the other side stands on the market and they all look very much the same and none of them are particularly attractive in their form. OK, it’s not easy to make a “sexy” side stand for a bike but then up steps AltRider and somehow they’ve managed it!

Instead of the usual cheap and easy tubular construction, AltRider have completely redesigned their stand from the ground up and it really is a little engineering marvel, in my humble opinion.

No stand I know of has this level of attention to detail, superb design, aesthetics and a fit and finish that is completely in a league of its own compared to any other offering on the market today. It’s the only one that I can look at the $175 price tag and nod my head in agreement. It really looks that good. OK, enough fawning, let’s look at the design and construction in a bit more detail.

The spring hook is a separate piece and can be released/removed via two small hex bolts. You’ll need a 2.5mm hex socket to undo them.

Behind that hook cover are two further bolts and these are the ones that lock the stand position into place. You’ll need a 4mm hex socket to undo and tighten them. At the lowest position this hook cover would prevent either of the main locking bolts from unwinding, should you forget to use the included blue thread lock. Yes, a tube is included, as always, with AltRider products.

As you extend the side stand you can see exactly how it works. It doesn’t just rely on the bolts to keep it firmly in place, but instead uses raised, male collars that fit perfectly into their opposite female holes and there is where the accuracy and strength lies. Nothing is left to chance.

The foot is probably close to 3 times the size of the stock foot, so no need to order one of those horrible Chinese foot extenders for £50 a pot. The foot is beautifully designed and integrated and my only gripe is it’s so nice I’ll be gutted when it gets all scratched up on the tarmac!

Every part of this stand is precision engineered and just spot on. I rarely wax lyrical about kit like this but it’s difficult not to with this piece.

Whoever designed this stand put in some serious hours and was dedicated to producing something a bit special and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

With the stand you’ll receive a small tube of blue thread lock, which you’ll need to apply to all four bolts, an upgraded spring and a spring tool to help you seat that spring.

Finally, here’s an image showing the stock stand and the AR stand next to each other (the AR stand is set at its lowest point):

I’m literally praying that this stand gives an adequate lean for a 40mm lowered T700. If it does it will undoubtedly be one of the best upgrades I’ve fitted. If it doesn’t, it will be one of the sexiest disasters I’ve ever fitted. Please stay tuned for part 2 of this review.





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  1. Neil Wyenn

    Very descriptive and detailed first look. I have one and am at 20mm lowered, There is plenty of adjustment left for your 40mm. You will be a happy owner.

    • Richard Kmiec

      it is a good writeup, isnt it.
      So I have a stock height T7 and I would actually like a slightly longer side stand, as I find Im always looking for something higher to put the base on. Do you think this stand also extends a little longer than the stock stand?

      • Hi Richard. Thank you! Yes, the AR stand also extends higher than stock. From the site description:

        7 adjustable height settings, including factory height, up to1 inch (2.5 cm) higher than factory, or up to two inches (5 cm) lower than factory

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