Please Note – This review is in two parts:
1. Part 1 – First Impressions & Installation
2. Part 2Practical Use

AltRider have, for some time, been one of my “go to” companies for top quality parts. I already have their brilliant skid plate and their very handy rear brake pedal extender plate. Both are top quality and will always remain on the Overland Rider T700. And now I have the pleasure of reviewing their Adventure II Foot Pegs! For complete transparency, AltRider sent me a review set free of charge. I paid only the shipping. The set they shipped was a demo set and had already been mounted to a bike but not ridden and as such, you’ll notice some mounting marks in the review images. This was simply because I wanted a silver pair and they only had the black in stock, except this demo set, which I was more than happy to receive. If you order a set, you will, of course, receive an unblemished set. OK, so what turned up this morning via Fedex?

This was the packaging I received and inside was the two foot pegs:

And a few bags of mounting hardware, cleats and some LocTite:

All came nicely packaged, as usual! At this point, one thing I should address is how AltRider is as a company to deal with, because it’s a hugely important part of the equation for me. If you need to phone the company to either order a product or enquire about a product or an order, chances are you’ll come to Lyndell. Every time I’ve spoken with Lyndell I’ve left the conversation feeling better than when I started it! She’s extremely positive, very friendly and jolly and as efficient as you could wish for. The moment she had the all clear to ship the pegs to me they were on their way within hours. She kept me informed all the way with email updates and tracking number and I wanted for nothing throughout the whole process. In the past, whenever I’ve dealt with staff as brilliant as Lyndell, the products I’ve received have also been right up there. It’s a culture that runs throughout the company, their DNA, if you like, and all three products I’ve received from AltRider have been equally good. So thank you, Lyndell! Your input and fun telephone conversations were most certainly appreciated and the icing on (an already very good) cake!

The pegs arrive without the cleats installed and you’ll need a 5mm socket to tighten each one. A tube of LocTite is included in the package but here’s a tip for a quicker installation of the cleats. Get a small bottle cap.. (I used one off our plastic milk bottle tops) and squirt the contents of the LocTite bottle into the cap. Then just dip each cleat thread into the glue in the bottle cap and save yourself the hassle of having to constantly pick up a cleat, then the LocTite tube, then squirt the LocTite individually, eventually losing the will to live.. There are 36 cleats to install altogether and if each one takes a minute then you’ll soon get bored. A quick dip and install takes just 20 seconds a piece, instead. Once done your foot peg will look like this:

One thing to note is these pegs are VERY lightweight. They probably weigh around a 1/4 to a 1/3 of the equally sized Bosley Rally pegs as they are made of aluminium instead of steel. The total weight of the two Adventure II pegs (including all mounting hardware) is 589 grams (1.3Ibs). That’s less than 300 grams each! Another thing you’ll notice about these pegs is the attention to detail. They’re beautifully made, great looking and the cleats offer a very different solution to the often sharp spikes of other pegs that tend to cause problems to your expensive boots. These won’t as the cleats are not sharp, but from preliminary still testing, offer very good grip.

Installation is a surprisingly simple affair and took just a few minutes per side, once the cleats were installed. My previous Bosley Rally pegs were far from easy and getting the spring to sit right was a nightmare but not so with the AltRider Adventure IIs. The spring is good quality and has plenty of load, unlike the weak stock spring. It’s often recommended to swap out the OEM spring for the stock KTM spring, which is considerably stronger and something I did when I installed the Bosley pegs. The KTM spring, however, will not work with these Adventure II pegs as the central diameter of the springs are too small, but not to worry, because AltRider supplies you with equally strong springs that fit perfectly. Not only do they supply you with quality springs, one is silver and one is “gold” in colour, which makes figuring out which one goes to which side a synch. Nice touch and again, it’s all about attention to detail and this is really what we pay for and why we need to back companies like AltRider and not indulge the Chinese companies that do nothing but knock-off the products of companies that have invested huge amounts in R&D.

One of the reasons I needed to change my foot pegs was the introduction of the Camel ADV rear foot pedal “fix”. My previous pegs were lowered 20mm from the stock height and they didn’t play ball with the CADV pedal. The Adventure II pegs are stock height and, as such, work perfectly.

Once installed, I could quickly adjust the brake pedal perfectly in line with the pegs and any problems of the pedal bottoming out on the main frame bracket were immediately eliminated.

As with every AltRider product I’ve thus far entertained, the Adventure II foot pegs are as good as they get, quality-wise. They’re large pegs with plenty of real estate at 58mm wide x 122mm long, very similar in dimensions to the Bosley Rally pegs, but there is a big difference and that is in the way they neatly attach to the stock peg bracket. The Bosley connection is quite bulky and causes the pegs to extend even further from the bike than you might expect. The connection also causes your foot to struggle to easily slide inwards when searching for the rear brake pedal. That is NOT the case with these Adventure II pegs. Whilst I’ve yet to ride with these pegs (part 2 of this review will cover that) I have sat on the bike and my foot slid nicely across to the brake pedal without resistance and it was easily found.

Once the weather (and my work diary) clears here on the Isle of Wight, I’ll take these pegs for a good workout and post a short Part 2 review giving real life riding experience but I’m already very confident that these foot pegs will be a permanent part of the Overland Rider Tenere 700. My thanks to AltRider for their pedantic service and equally pedantic attention to detail in designing, yet again, a top quality component that I’m proud to install on my T700.

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