Please Note – This review is in two parts:
1. Part 1First Impressions & Installation
2. Part 2 – Practical Use

This morning I was finally able to get out early on the bike and see what these foot pegs were like in practise. Leaving the house I spent a little time getting used to them being 20mm higher than my previous Bosley pegs but it wasn’t long before everything felt quite natural again. I’d carefully adjusted both the rear brake lever and the gear shifter so they were once again in line with the pegs.

One of the first things I noticed was the feel of the Adventure II cleats. They’re VERY different to the sharp spikes of the Bosley pegs and they allow your foot to move around quite easily by comparison. They still afford you great grip but you don’t need to wiggle your foot across the peg to move position and they’ll certainly be a lot kinder to your boots.

If you look at the diagram above of the Bosley pegs you’ll see the rally size is actually 4mm narrower and 7mm shorter than the Adventure II pegs but they don’t feel like that in practise. I think it must be the point that attaches to the bracket that causes the Bosleys to stick out further. When manoeuvring the bike whilst sat on the seat the Bosley pegs always caught on my shins whereas the Adventure IIs did not. That may be because the latter pegs have a corner removed similar to the XL Bosleys above.

Standing on these felt very natural and the angle was spot on and very comfortable. Again, the cleats were not digging into the boots and even with my full standing weight I could still move my foot quite easily when required. The angle and overall positioning allow you to grip the bike nicely between your knees/legs whilst standing and offer a relaxed feel on longer rides in the sitting position.

The springs are super strong, pretty much identical in strength to the stock KTM springs so there will be no need to change these ones out.

These pegs are big but they don’t feel as large as their dimensions would suggest. They’re rugged, lightweight and great looking and do exactly what you’d want them to and no more. The cleats are the best I’ve tried on any bike and they’re probably the revelation of these pegs as they’re extremely comfortable, yet perfectly grippy. They also seem to place my foot in the perfect position to quickly find the brake pedal without having to “search” for it, again something that used to bother me slightly with the Bosley pegs. In conclusion, I can’t fault the Adventure IIs. If you’re in the market for a set of medium size pegs then these are certainly the ones I’d personally recommend.

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