Just transferred the connector from my old bike to the T700. I’ve had these gloves for 4 years now and they’re one of the best investments I’ve made. Most here seem to use heated grips but I’ve always found that the palm of my hand was not where I needed the heat but rather the back of my hand which was being hit by cold wind during the ride, so I stopped using heated grips and changed instead to heated gloves which I’ve found spot on.

If you can find a pair of the  Gerbing 12V XRS-12 Short Gloves they’re excellent quality and very comfy with adjustable heat settings.

The only thing I don’t like with heated gloves is wearing a wiring harness. They tend to get tangled and can be unwieldy and uncomfortable. During the cold weather I always use the same jacket so I sew small velcro tabs on the outside of the inner liner so the wiring stays exactly where I want it, is completely hidden from view and I can’t even feel it’s there. The glove sockets are always exactly where I need them, as is the heat controller and socket that connects to the bike. Makes the whole experience painless and warm!



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