Have watched a few videos on how to install these with most folks taking an age to get them on. OrbSurfer posted a vid in which he used zip ties but it looked incredibly complicated. This evening I installed the two grips in about 10 mins using OS’s idea with wider zip-ties and they just flew on. Here’s how:

Firstly, you need wide (7mm) zip ties, not the 2-3mm ones OS used. I used a thin one to create a loom to slot them into and in the pic below you can see the difference in widths.

OK, here is where I needed to deal with my natural autism which hates throwing stuff away or needlessly damaging stuff. OS probably used thin cable ties because 15 wide zip tie heads would not fit through the Grip Puppies. But if you’re happy to sacrifice $1 worth of zip ties to save a whole lot of work, then just snip the heads off the zip ties and everything works as smooth as..

The standard Grip Puppies are to the mm the perfect size for the Tenere 700 grips so no need to cut them to size. This method allows you to push the grips firmly up against the innermost point.

Each side took circa 5 mins, mostly just positioning the zip ties. Once they were in place a quick paint brush full of soapy water inside the grips helped them slide straight on in seconds.

Have to say, they feel great. My hands are spot on men’s medium. Well recommended!


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