Please note that this review is in 2 sections:
Part 1 Unboxing & First Impressions
Part 2 On the bike walk around & practical usage (video)

Due to EC certification, these took a while to get into production but finally they’re here and let me tell you, they’re worth the wait! When you receive your five piece set (4 turn signals and a relay unit) they will arrive neatly package in the box below.

Each turn signal has its own little box and the relay and the other bits are in a plastic bag to the left. The relay unit I received was an aftermarket one. I’m told a branded unit will soon be released but for me that’s neither here nor there (as long as it works) as it’s hardly on display..

What will strike you immediately is the weight and quality of the turn signals. I was expecting a metal shroud of maybe 0.5mm. In actual fact the shrouds are more like 2.5mm and beautifully over engineered. Everything about them screams quality and for £230 GBP for a set of four, so they should be. You’ll not be disappointed in that aspect, though.

I’m not sure if these are anodised or powder coated but the coating is, again, very high quality and just what you’d expect from a product aimed at the high end of the market.

They’re robust, high quality and undoubtedly the best looking aftermarket turn signals available, bar none.

The lens is also high grade and looks like it would withstand a solid impact, though the spring loaded necks should mitigate impact, anyways. These are built to last. They’re also smaller than I expected: Total measurements are H = 25mm W = 45mm and from the bike to the tip of the turn signal is 70mm. If you’re using upper crash bars you’d be very unlucky for these to even hit the ground in the case of a fall..

The relay unit I received is an aftermarket one. Take the rubber off the OEM relay, glue it to the back of this unit and it will slot into place, just as the OEM one did. It works well and already functioned with just the two rear turn signals installed.

Installation of any rear turn signals on a T700 is a faff, period! For me it was a 2 hour faff! I had to remove my top box, rear rack, panniers, pannier rack, seat, rear and mid fairings and Lord knows what else. I also finally installed a tail tidy I’d had stored for months, which I’d put off doing for this very reason. It’s not a small job, so don’t expect to do this in the 30 minutes before taking your wife for an anniversary lunch.. That said, HAMMERLEDs have done everything in their power to make the transition as easy as possible and no other kit would take less time. It’s a T700 and it is what it is. Just get on with it! This is as “plug and play” as it gets..

First Impressions
These are one of the best upgrades I’ve done to my T700, both aesthetically and practically. They look great, are far brighter than the OEM turn signals, the spring loaded necks work brilliantly and the overall quality is top notch. Just from the packaging you can see that HAMMERLED, as a company, has gone into every detail to make these a top quality product. I’m stoked with my set and they will most certainly remain on the T700. A full video review to show these installed and in action will follow shortly.


Where To Buy

From Valeriy @ HammerLEDs:
“There is one possible “bug” to be aware of. Happened to a couple of people now. If someone was visiting our shop lately and their browser saved everything in cache – all the products might still show as “SOLD OUT” and they can’t really buy anything. It is hard to tell to whom this happens and why, but it can happen. A possible solution is to force refresh the page on Desktop in Chrome >> View >> Reload page. On mobile, just swipe down.”



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