I’ve eaten so much turkey this Christmas that the turkeys are currently demonstrating outside my house! It’s been nice to rest and spend time with the family, even the out-laws, but at some point you need a break and for me a “break” is throwing a leg over the bike and heading out for a few hours.

The weather has been relentlessly rubbish this year with constant rain and storms, so when the app showed decent weather this morning (and the wife and out-laws headed in to the sales), I twisted the throttle and headed from East Cowes to Duver, St. Helens via The Downs. It was definitely windy and on several occasions it did it’s best to blow me into oncoming traffic but it was well worth it and the cobwebs are now well and truly swept! Have a great rest of year, everyone and I hope 2023 begins the upturn of fortunes worldwide.


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