Decided to mount a quick release headlight guard to my Tenere 700 and shopped around for options. I came across one that looked identical to some brand names that were asking 4 times more plus and thought I’d give it a shot. Mounted today and I’d say this came from the same factory as a brand name guard as it looks identical. Quality is spot on, easy install and the guard is held on perfectly. Glad I took a punt on this one as it’s much better than I expected. What I particularly like is at 2m from the bike you can barely see it’s there. The headlight LEDs are visible and and I like the look of them so glad they are. The grill is solid enough to protect, well powder coated and everything fits mm perfect. Am going to try to find the supplier for this one and stock it in the Overland Rider Store.

Looking at it over the next couple of weeks I felt the holes in the guard were a tad large and small stones can be equally damaging to a $1k headlight so I decided to modify it using stainless steel mesh.

A £10 sheet of stainless mesh (5mm x 3.5mm x 0.6mm holes) worked perfectly and some cutting with a Dremel and a few zip ties later and we were in business.


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