I’ve just received this tiny MotoPressor Pocket Pump and Inline Tyre Gauge so I thought I’d do a little unboxing and show you what’s inside. The two pieces can be bought separately or bundled together but come in their own boxes. To give you an idea of the size, the larger box is only about 6 x 5 inches.

Inside the smaller box we have the Inline Tyre Gauge. I’ve not yet tested either of these so I can’t yet comment on accuracy but it looks like well made, durable kit that ought to last. That’s the reason I bought this particular set as opposed to more complex models with inbuilt digital gauges.

Inside the main box we have the pump itself. It’s fairly heavy for its size and the manufacturer has made no effort to make it pretty, instead leaving it to look fairly rough and ready and industrial, which I personally quite like.

It does feel good quality, though and comes with a long electric lead, designed to plug into a further included 12v wire and plug that attaches directly to you bikes’ battery.

Here’s the reverse side of the main pump. The lead has a handy velcro wrap to keep it all together when packed and I believe this compressor is actually small enough to store beneath your bikes’ seat, at least on my Yamaha Tenere 700.

Here are the extra two cables that are included with the set. On the left is the one that attaches directly to your battery and will stay attached, giving you a small plug by the seat that you’ll plug the pump lead into when in use. As with al compressors it’s advised to run the engine while inflating your tyres to prevent the battery from discharging too much. The literature states that the MotoPressor Pocket Pump will pump a front tyre (120/70 19) from flat to 35 psi in around 3 minutes and a rear tyre (170/60 17) from flat to 35psi in around 4 minutes 30 seconds. Not bad..

The kit comes complete with a decent quality neoprene case that everything neatly packs into and helps you keep all the bits safe and sound and in one place! Overall it looks to be a great piece of kit but I’ll post another review once I’ve actually tested it.

Just to give you an idea of the size of this pump, here it is sitting in the palm of my hand. I wear size medium gloves.

Where can I purchase it?
Amazon – MotoPressor Pocket Pump
Amazon – MotoPressor Inline Pressure Gauge

Finally, if you’re into your touring and camping you can purchase a cheap set of adapters that will allow you to use this pump for airbeds and anything else you might want to pump up on the road!

I purchased this set from Amazon UK for £5.99

And this set for £3.49 which will help when my son manages to deflate his footballs and rugby balls for the tenth time that week!


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  1. Hi,

    This is a helpful review, but can you add a price and link to the item on Amazon, please? I’ve just searched for “MOTOPRESSOR POCKET PUMP” on Amazon UK and it doesn’t find it. Thanks. 😊

    • Hi Ian. I don’t think it’s available on Amazon UK. I purchased mine from an eBay UK seller. After I’ve tested the pump this may be one of the products I stock in our shop. I’ll let you know if I do.

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