Following the unboxing review of the MotoPressor Pocket pump I published yesterday, it occurred to me (and a few FaceBook readers) that when on the road touring you often need to pump up air mattresses and other stuff over and above tyres, so a set of adapters to that end would be useful. After a little research this £5.99 set from Amazon popped up and looked just the job. Today they arrived.

In the bag you get a female adapter that attaches to the pump and four male nozzles meant for airbeds, paddle boards, pools and other such inflatables.

It’s cheap and cheerful but looks robust enough to do the job without falling apart and it packs down small enough to pop in tail bag and not worry about it. It also weighs virtually nothing. The thread that attaches to the pump is brass and seems sturdy.

The different nozzles just screw into the end of the female adapter.

For my money, the MotoPressor Pocket Pump combined with these adapters is a formidable bit of kit and one which I know I’ll get plenty of use out of. I’ve also order this set of adapters for a bit more flexibility and to save me hand-pumping my sons football once a week!


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