Well, after John kindly shipped these to me, they landed today and are on the bike! Whatever I think of the company and their shipping policy the product they produce is top notch, good quality materials, fit and finish and these do exactly what they say they will. Installation is straightforward, just fiddly to get the exact right position on the first one but once done it’s all down hill from there. These won’t be for your hardcore off-road enthusiasts for obvious reasons and I’ll remove them when heading off the beaten track but for long haul journeys, the ability to stretch your legs into a new position is hard to quantify.

They’re not all as obtrusive as I’d expected them to be, which I like. The ability to almost infinitely adjust them in 4 degree increments allows you to get the pegs just where you need them.

I always use some old cycle inner tube between the bars and the brackets to prevent unnecessary damage and you can probably just make some out in the pics.

The Tarozi pillion pegs are great bits of kit and work really well for this purpose.

The brackets themselves don’t add width to the bike if installed this way and sit inside the parameters of my crash bars. Folding pegs are a must, tho, or that wouldn’t be the case.

The Tarozi M10 bolts are about 12mm longer than necessary but I decided against cutting them and instead wrapped the ends with shrink tubing to tidy them up. The only problem with these is the company refuses to ship to but a few countries and bizarrely the UK is not one of them. My sincere thanks again to John for shipping them on to me.


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