I bought a little bottle of this Muc-Off Visor, Lens and Goggle Cleaner a few weeks ago whilst visiting my local Yamaha dealer. I wasn’t expecting much but it’s actually brilliant! I had a few splatted bugs bakes onto my MX-9 visor and they were right in my points of vision so as I was heading off for an extended ride after leaving the dealer I decided they needed to go. I keep a microfibre cloth in my tail bag and in the past have used spit but it does often leave some streaks and requires a bit of a rub which will eventually cause scratches to the visor. So, I dutifully applied two quick sprays of the MUC-OFF to the visor and lo and behold, everything was de-bugged in seconds and the visor left crystal clear! I then wondered how it would do on my screen so gave it a squirt and same result! I was so impressed I went online, found it a bit cheaper on Amazon and ordered a couple more bottles for when this one runs out! A good little investment with Summer just around the corner!


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