The weather forecast wasn’t great for today. Indeed, it’s been fairly miserable for a few weeks now with the odd glimpse of the sun here on the Isle of Wight. Today was forecast as rain 24 hours ago, then revised to cloudy. The Met Office lied! It was definitely windy, though and I think that wind removed the rain clouds that looked set to plague us again. Either way, this wasn’t a day for working on the bike, it was a day for riding the hell out of it and that’s exactly what I did! About 2 1/2 hours in the saddle saw the Overland Rider T700 (with its new World Raid Stock Racing livery) hit the famous and stunning Military Road. This is one of those places you just never tire of riding.. I could spend all day riding up and down this circa 13 mile stretch! Once again my thanks to Christian @ CrispyDesigns for his great products and service.


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