Many people doubted this project but I’ve built many systems like this for overland travel on a bike over the last 35 years and they’ve all worked beautifully. The only thing missing (and this is something I’d not done before) was illumination. I often pull into a campsite quite late and by the time I’ve setup camp it’s either dark or getting dark. I have the REDVERZ ATACAMA 2 EXPEDITION MOTORCYCLE TENT and, as such, the bike resides in the tent together with me at night. I often wake up in the middle of the night and need something from my top box. That usually means locating my NiteCore Tip2 led torch before embarking on a journey of discovery. How cool would it be to eliminate the need for a torch and just have a switch that would turn on lights over the baggage area and inside the top box? Take a quick look at the following video to see how I attained that.


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