We all use our beloved bikes for different purposes. Many purchase a Tenere 700 for hard off-road riding, some for trail riding and others for their daily commute. Mine does a bit of everything but I mostly use it for touring. Some might choose other bikes for long distance hauls but I love the stance and handling of the T700 and it suits me just fine. One thing I’ve wanted to do for a while now is to find a way to carry fuel and water with me and it’s been a bit of a head scratcher, but with the upcoming tour into Europe now on the horizon, I decided to buckle down and figure something out. In the video below you’ll see my solution which has actually worked better than I anticipated. It builds on the Peli case top box mod that I made a while back, seamlessly adding a 5L fuel can to either side.

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  1. Neil Wyenn

    It is a really clean look. Nice work.

  2. Jesse

    Nice looking bike and great gas setup. I have a Yamaha RSV that I use for touring. I too, found a way to include more gas for the long haul, like yourself. I’m interested in your post because I would like a Super Ténéré for some adventure backwoods touring. Carrying extra gas is always something of a priority for me.

    • Glad you found it interesting, Jesse. This is what it’s all about for me. Sharing ideas and info with other like-minded bikers. I’d be interesting in see your solution for the Super Ten when you’ve done it! Good luck.

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