I haven’t virtually any forward facing space left on the front of my Adventure Spec crash bars as pretty much all the real estate is taken up by the Rigid Industries Pods and Light Bar. Handlebars are never the best place for a GoPro and I didn’t want it suckered to my screen so I needed a small solution that would allow movement in all axis. That I found in the shape of the RAM Claw Mount.

combined with the RAM Mount GoPro Adapter

and RAM Short Double Arm.
The huge advantage of this kit is in needs minimal space to function and with real estate on the T7 always at a bit of a premium, that’s exactly what is required more often than not. My GoPro is the Black Hero 5 and I replaced the original housing with the much improved SAMETOP GoPro Housing. I need quick access to the ports for my mic and this one allows that. It also comes with a very useful lens cap that sits snugly and firmly in place and keeps that lens clean and protected. At £12.99 it’s not expensive, either!

Here’s the setup mounted on the T7

The RAM Claw Mount jaws are rubber lined keeping it nicely in placing and preventing it from damaging the powder coating of the bars.

Finally, I mounted a SUPTIG Wireless Remote Control to the handlebars using a simple velcro strap to allow me to easily control the GoPro without dismounting or leaning forward to the camera. I a small strip of foam self adhesive underneath the remote help it with vibrations and to prevent damage to the rear casing.

And there we have it! I’m pleased with this set up. It’s top quality kit, does exactly what was required and I feel confident that it will work flawlessly for many years to come, as all my RAM Mount products have.


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