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The YIEBA Engine Guard is a product I’ve noticed several times over the last 18 months, simply because I like the design of it and I knew they would look good on the bike.

I always passed them up, though, as I simply couldn’t see a real life benefit of them being on the bike other than looks. This set recently arrived, however, so let’s take a look and see if my earlier dismissal of the product was justified or not..

Made from circa 2mm black powder-coated aluminium (also available in silver), they weigh in at a meagre 184 grams per pair. The overall quality is good and the finish likewise. There is a small 3mm scratch on the inside surface of one of the pieces I received but that can be easily touched up and being as they’re aluminium it’s really not necessary.

The holes do seem to be accurately measured and drilled, the laser cutting (I presume) is nicely done and everything looks like it will fit without hindrance but we’ll see shortly during the installation.

Overall, first impressions are a pleasant surprise but at £59 GBP ($72 USD) these really should be good quality, considering what they are.

Installation is a doddle. Remove the 3 bolts on the right side and 4 on the left. Blue LocTite each of the 7 bolts, hold the grills in place and re-tighten them. Job done! As you release the bolts you will remove the stock triangular (protective) brackets on each side. These should be re-installed and the grills (as I now refer to them) are installed over them. If you’re not particularly handy with a wrench, you really can’t go wrong with these. Don’t tell the Mrs they’re simple to install, though, and you might just be able to convince her that the copious hours spent on T700 social media groups has all been worth it and you’re now a certified, born-again motorcycle mechanic!

Conclusion – Should You Buy A Set?
These YIEBA Engine Guards look great installed but I’m sceptical that they really offer any worthwhile protection to the engine or bike. The recessed part of the engine near the top is not really an area I’d expect to take much damage in a fall and even if it did, I’m not convinced that 2mm perforated aluminium is the right choice to protect it. The advertising blurb suggests that these “direct the airflow” better to that part of the engine, again a claim I’d be sceptical towards. If that part of the engine struggled with airflow or overheating, any cover of any kind is likely to just impede the airflow and insulate the area, rather than improve it. So in reality, what do these do? Well, in my opinion, they look good and not a great deal else. They certainly tidy up that area of the engine but I don’t think they offer a great deal over and above that.

That said, most of us do buy parts for our bikes simply to improve the looks and for me these “engine guards” really fall into that bracket; after all, Yamaha already provided a triangle bracket/guard on each side to protect what they considered needed protecting. It’s a bit like putting decals on your bike in the hope that they will protect the plastics; they won’t but they will look the part and a full decal kit for a T700 will set you back £120 to £240 of your hard-earned cash (2-4 times the cost of these “grills”) and few people bat an eyelid at that.
Will I keep mine? Hey, they weigh very little at circa 90 grams each, they look great and they’re now installed, so I’ll leave mine in place and enjoy them for what they are. If I was going to race the T700 or was serious about keeping the bike’s weight down, these would probably be the first things to be stripped back off, however.

Where To Buy
Amazon – YIEBA Engine Guard


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    Nice review. What seat cover is that on your bike? Thanks!

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