These are now available to purchase in the Overland Rider Store!

Just received and mounted this little gizmo today and I have to say I’m impressed. For 14 Euros it’s actually a steal compared to the more complicated and expensive solutions to a problem I didn’t personally have but thought I’d give it a shot for the price. One thing I did have to do was to comprehensively clean the tank area where the sticky pad attaches as I use ACF50 to clean all parts of the bike and the 3M pad would not have stuck to that but a few pedantic wipes with lemon juice soon solved that problem and the pad adhered perfectly. As I said before, this wasn’t a problem I personally needed to solve but I like people like Natanael who innovate and I liked the fact he actually put out the 3D printing file on the web for people to freely download and print their own. I’m not sure I’d be quite that accommodating after spending hours designing the thing but he was so kudos!! Anyways, video review below will show you how it works with a big bunch of keys attached when opening and closing! Links to product below and of course I have no personal commercial interest in the hinge!


These are now available to purchase in the Overland Rider Store!


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