In Swedish “motstånd” translates as “resistance” or “opposition”. And that’s exactly what this little detachable stand does.

It attaches to the bash plate on the right side of the bike and prevents it from leaning in that direction. But why do I need one? Well, the OverlandRider T700 is lowered 40mm. I’ve fitted a shorty kickstand but there are some places where the surface camber still leaves the bike a tad too upright for my liking and more importantly, I live on a small island that requires a ferry journey to get to.. If the sea is a bit rough that could easily cause leaning problems and even see the bike fall, so this device is simply there to stop any lean in the opposite direction of the kickstand.

Made from doubled raw aluminium bar, I’ve simply bent the two ends at the correct angles so one acts as a foot and the other slots into one of the cut outs of the bash plate.

Using a Dremel, each end has been patterned for better grip.

It weighs nothing, being ali, and costs just a few bucks in materials. I bought this bar for about £5 GBP from B&Q.

Because the bar is doubled it’s extremely strong and holds the bike nicely in place when I lean the bike over on it. You’ll also notice that there is another bash plate slot above the one it sits in now, meaning if the surface is even more extremely cambered I can utilise that slot instead, effectively adjusting the lean angle further.

I had initially thought I’d have the shorty kickstand shortened further but after coming up with this idea I’ll leave it as is and use this instead as on most surfaces the shorty stand works fine.

I’m really pleased with how the MotStand functions and can now enjoy a coffee on the ferry back and forth from the mainland without the need to keep checking if my T700 is still on two wheels!


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