I’ve not seen this in the previous 7 months of ownership but suddenly my T700 brake discs are beginning to suffer from rust.

They are rarely subjected to wet riding but occasionally we’ll head out in the rain. I do live about 100 metres from the sea and that could contribute to the problem but this surface rust has only now appeared, just as we head into the dry(er) season. Go figure. Either way I’m not keen on this re-occurring continually so I’m going to try to counteract it. ACF-50 is the obvious choice but NOT where brakes are concerned so I need to look elsewhere. I posed the question on a forum and one smart member came up with this Bilt Hamber Atom Mac Migratory Contact Corrosion Inhibitor which is advertised as being fine to use on braking areas.

I’ve ordered a 500ml bottle and will report back as to how it works in a few weeks.


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