A current UK government consultation into the vehicular use of green lanes and even the TET could see motorcycles banned from such routes. MCN writes:

Riders are being urged to respond to a consultation on the green road network that could be used to ban bikes vehicles from unsealed and minor tarmac roads.
The Government has begun the exercise on the back of the ‘Landscapes Review’ into National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty which includes questions on whether there should be legislation to restrict recreational motor vehicles on unsealed and unclassified roads.
Those who oppose vehicles on unsealed roads often complain of damage, trespass and anti-social behaviour. But experience shows that prohibiting vehicular access does nothing to deter those who damage green roads and surrounding land.

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  1. MeAndYou

    Hmm, so they want to ban motorcycles from some roads because some idiots don’t respect laws, lack common decency, and are unconsidered. You know, idiots who think that the world revolve around them and they are entitled. With the end result being that just people pay the price of the unjust.

    That has been our argument here in the US about gun laws. If it was up to many guns would be heavily restricted or banned all together. But restricting guns does nothing for the criminals. Simply because the criminals don’t care about laws. For example, politicians can pass laws that restrict magazine capacity, criminals don’t care. They are not going to go spend money to buy low capacity mags to comply with new laws.

    Yeah I get it, in your head you can be telling yourself that there is a huge difference between a motorcycle and a gun. Of course there is! I am not comparing the two objects, I am comparing the way politicians think. Punish everyone for the mistakes of a very few idiots.

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