I’ve thus far tested two side stands: the Rally Raid and the T-Rex. The first was useless on a 40mm lowered T700 and the response from the company was similar. The T-Rex stand is currently on my bike now and it does do the job but if truth be told, it could do with being another 15mm lower to really do the job well. At the moment I still have to be a tad careful where and how I park the bike and I was even forced to invent the “Overland Ride Motstand” just in case there was no choice but to park on land or road that had an adverse camber.

A while back I chatted on Zoom with Dylan who works at AltRider and I suggested they produce a side stand that would adequately compensate for a 40mm plus lowered bike. He took on board my suggestion and a couple of weeks ago they brought an adjustable stand to market. I will receive one of those early to mid December and will review it before Christmas, so if you’re in the market for an adjustable side stand, whether that’s a longer or shorter stand, then hold tight and let’s see if this one really does what it’s supposed to!

Update 30/11-2022
I’m told I should receive this stand in the second or third week in December.

Update 22/12-2022
Unfortunately, there were some delays in the production of these but I’m now told a batch has arrived with AltRider EU in Holland and I should receive one in circa a week or so. As soon as I receive it, it will be mounted and reviewed, hopefully early in January 2023.


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