This kit will arrive with me in the next few days and I’ll then be fitting and reviewing it. I have to say, I don’t normally do aesthetic upgrades, apart from graphics, but if I’m completely honest, I don’t “need” a high front fender as 90% of my riding is currently on the road and light off-road. Coming from a motocross and enduro background, however, I’m used to having a high fender and do prefer the look, so I’m forgiving my weakness and going ahead with the AltRider kit. The kit I’ll be installing comes with “speed brake bleeders”, which could prove handy at some point. See the AltRider description below. The other thing that sold me on this particular kit is it’s available in the OEM T700 colours, in my case “blue”. Please check back in a couple of weeks for the full review.

The Tenere 700 is an extraordinarily capable adventure bike and the Altrider High Fender Kit removes the limits on where and how you can ride. Our comprehensive kit includes everything you need to convert your Tenere 700 to a high fender mount. We developed this kit to alleviate the issue of the stock front fender jamming with mud and debris during serious off road excursions. Head out on your next adventure with confidence and a more aggressive looking Tenere 700 by installing the AltRider High Fender Kit.

  • Laser cut, formed and powder-coated steel mounting bracket
  • Custom built, dual-sided front brake hose kit
  • Pre-drilled, mid-length plastic fender
  • Stylized 3D printed ABS blanking plates paying homage to the Tenere sand dunes
  • Includes all hardware and fittings needed for installation
  • Available with a black, white, red or blue plastic fender

The AltRider High Fender Kit utilizes a mid-length plastic dirt bike fender, which is pre-drilled for mounting and available in four colors; black, white, red or blue. The fender attaches to the bike using a custom laser cut, formed and powder-coated steel bracket, which mounts to the triple tree at four points for maximum strength to withstand forces at highway speeds. Moving to a high fender requires new front brake lines to be run the AltRider High Fender Kit replaces the stock front brake lines with a custom built dual-sided brake hose kit that is street legal and DOT-approved. The brake hose kit features braided stainless steel lines covered with a UV resistant black PVC coating and built in strain reliefs for increased durability and performance. The AltRider High Fender Kit also includes stylized 3D printed ABS blanking plates, portraying the Tenere Desert sand dunes, to conceal the OEM fender mounting points on the fork leg guards. All necessary fittings and routing grommets are included for a perfectly integrated fit.

The optional ‘Speed Bleeder‘ is the perfect solution for eliminating the tedious, time consuming and repetitive job of bleeding brake systems, by simply replacing the existing bleed nipples. The M8 x 1.25 mm zinc plated speed bleeder fits Honda and Yamaha brakes. Their unique design incorporates a one-way valve preventing air entering back into the system and eliminates the repetitive process of tightening and un-tightening. Simply un-tighten the ‘Speed Bleeder‘ 1/4 of a turn and pump the brake lever/pedal until the system is free of air and tighten!

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Update 1 – 24/10/2023
The High Fender Kit arrived today, 7 days after ordering it. I hope to install and review it in the next 10 days, weather permitting as I’ll need to install it outside of my very narrow workshop and we’re currently experiencing a lot of rain from Storm Babet.


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