I’ve struggled with firm motocross/enduro type seats since an early age. My rear end has always been a tad on the skinny side and things have not improved with age.. Think “Kardashian” and then think of the opposite and you’ll be somewhere in the ballpark. The OEM Tenere 700 seat is not an exception to that rule; in fact, it’s one of the “firmest” (read: excruciating) seats I’ve thus far had the misfortune to perch on. A set of Cool Covers did improve things quite dramatically, but maybe not to the point where I stopped longingly browsing the offerings of US company Seat Concepts, and with some long overland trips into Europe planned this year, it was maybe time to take an even closer look.

Multiple friends and colleagues have purchased one of the many Seat Concepts models and I’ve yet to hear a bad word about their products, so finally I gave in and contacted Austin, the Seat Concepts CEO. After a short exchange, some sage advice and a little of my own research, I finally settled on the One Piece Comfort Seat, which I hope will appease my smarting derriere on long hauls and still allow me to comfortably stand and navigate the treks, trails and off-road delights that the UK and Europe have to offer. Please check back in a couple of weeks for a full initial impressions review, followed by regular updates thereafter.

Update 1 – 07/03/2023
I’ve now received a shipping update, so I’m expecting the seat to arrive by the end of this week.


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