I’ve seen a multitude of LED turn signal sets on the market since purchasing my Tenere 700. None of them, however, have made me sit and up and want to change out the stock turn signals, so when I saw a post about the HammerLeds I didn’t expect to see anything fundamentally different to those I’d seen before. Looking a little closer, however, these did seem to offer some real flex, they looked the part and a few things looked a little different.

Valeriy of HammerLeds, will now send me a review set in March/April 2023, which I look forward to installing, testing and reviewing here at overlandrider.com.

From the HammerLeds description:

Unlike most of the aftermarket LED motorcycle turn signals that disappear in direct sunlight, HAMMERLEDS® Flex 4 feature 4 premium quality 120° ultrabright amber LEDs. This allows us to achieve supreme daytime visibility from all angles. No matter the time of the day.

With an impressive 308 lumen of light output (at 5.4W) Flex 4 is one of the brightest turn signals on the market. There is a high chance that they are even brighter than your original OEM turn signals with incandescent bulbs. And in adventure sports it matters. Safety matters.

Flex 4 enclosure and wiring is entirely sealed and IP68 rated. That means no water, mud or dust can get in. No more foggy lenses or burnt wires. No more unnecessary stress. After testing them under a continuous water pressure of 2ATM for 24 hours and in various temperatures, we are sure that our LED turn signals can withstand any environment you throw them in. Let it be a snowy mountain pass or a long stretch of open desert, Flex 4 are ready for that. HAMMERLEDS® Flex 4 are ready for everything. Once home, simply jetwash all the dirt away without any worries.

Flex 4 are E-mark certified motorcycle LED turn signals (category 11, 12). They can legally be used as front and rear turn signals. In the city or on the trail – you can use them everywhere. The extended spring stalk enables that the required turn signal mounting distances are met on most dual-sport and adventure bikes. And that means you will have no issues with your motorcycle turn signals when the next regular vehicle inspection comes by.

I spoke to Valeriy earlier today and his reply to my question about the expected pricing, upon release, was:

The price to get them to UK (for direct purchases from our online store) will be:

  1. 1pcs turn signal – 56.35 GBP;
  2. front / rear turn signal kit (Tenere 700) – 151.90 GBP; this includes 2 turn signals, pair of mounting adapters and electronic flasher relay;
  3. complete turn signal kit (Tenere 700) – 242.55 GBP; this includes 4 turn signals, 2 pairs of mounting adapters and electronic flasher relay;
Models that don’t require the mounting hardware (for example KTM) will retail slightly lower.
The prices include both the Customs TAX & VAT that is paid on import to the UK. So this is the final consumer price excluding shipping.
Update 1 – 11/01/23
Regarding pricing for other countries and areas, Valeriy just sent this price list to me with the following note:“Please find the MSRP prices in different currencies attached. This excludes the VAT and any import taxes/customs.”

Update 2 – 22-03-2023
I’ve just spoken to Valeriy at HammerLeds. The production of the turn signals has been delayed due to difficulties gaining European certification. As such, they now expect the first sets to be dispatched at the end of May this year.



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