09/03/2023 First impressions review now posted.

This was a very tough decision! On most of the forums and social media groups I’m a member of, the Primus OmniFuel II is the stove of choice. I do like to do my own research, however, and the ability to use multiple fuels, without the need to change nozzles, swayed this in favour of the OptiFuel.

Both the Omnifuel II and the OptiFuel will take pretty much any fuel you’re likely to throw at them but the OptiFuel does not require a change of nozzle before a change of fuel.

Both seem very robust and well built according to everything I’ve read, with the OptiFuel being a tad more expensive, but I like to buy once and buy right, so let’s see if I did that this time.

I paid £185 GBP plus another £16.50 for the fuel bottle and then a ridiculous £96 for the PolarDawg cap, which effectively spreads the flame and reduces the noise by half. I haver to say, £96 is obscene for what this product is, but needs must..

A live video review will be posted during my Europe trip. Please do stay tuned!


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