I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a set of these for a while but the price tag of £350 GBP ($430 USD) does make you pause and think and so, thus far, I’ve held off. A few days ago I spotted a pair at a much better price in Holland and decided to pull the trigger.

Hand made in Bavaria, these make use of the finest leather and GoreTex, are completely waterproof and rated for 4 season riding. I will write a quick review and first impressions in a few days after I’ve received them and ridden with them for a short while. I’m hoping that with good care, these may be the last set of boots I’ll need to purchase.. That’s the theory, at least!


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  1. Neil M Wyenn

    I have never been a fan of short boots. Maybe it is the US cowboy image thing. Never tried them on or even read any reviews. I am curious about your experience with them. It might open a whole new segment of footwear for me. Thanks for your upcoming review.

    • Hi Neil! I dislike anything higher than these unless I’m riding off-road. All my boots I currently own are actually shorter than this bar one. I wear slightly longer motorcycle jeans with mine and the shorter boots are fine as long as I stand up on the bike and allow the jeans to fall back down and over the boots. These will be predominantly for touring.

      • Neil M Wyenn

        I have highway pegs on both my Tenere 700 and Yam Venture. My feet are UP in the wind and the pant leg is pushed up from the breeze. I guess that is one reason I haven’t looked at short boots, but you have opened the conversation for me. Thanks for that.

        • I tried highway pegs but couldn’t get on with them so sold mine. I do remember the wind up my chuff when on the Harley, though! 🙂

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