OK, I admit, I was very sceptical to these Cool Covers when someone told me he’d put them on his T700 oak plank seat and found the seat to now be rather comfortable. I didn’t take his advice and instead made a modified Sheepie. The Grenadier Butt Guard, as I named it, was (and is) very good, helped a lot and I was quite happy with it. Roll forward a few months and I needed to do a short trip in some heavy rain. A few weeks before I’d snagged a set of these Cool Covers cheaply from eBay and had installed them under the GBG, thinking they may add another layer of comfort. TBH, they didn’t but I left them in place. Now faced with a ride in torrential rain I removed the GBG and just left the Cool Covers in place. They were, after all, designed to keep your butt dry in the wet, so let’s give them a go, I thought. They worked, too but what caught me off-guard was that they were more comfy on their own without the GBG in place. My skinny buttocks took to them like a duck to water and now after several hundred miles with just these Cool Covers in place, I’m completely happy with the comfort of the OEM T700 Low Seat. Better still, they add minimal height to the seat and still look good! Here’s a short video review to show you what I mean and better help you understand them.


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