Following on from my last post the JT 16T front sprocket arrived today. Big shout out to my friends at Rugged Roads who shipped this within a couple of hours of me purchasing it and as a result it was in my mailbox already this morning, less than 24 hours after I ordered it. I like using these guys when I can as they’re in Lymington which is just across the Solent from me so local in my book. This is what fell out of the padded envelope.

Keep note of that part number (JTF1591-16RB) if you want to order one of these, it might save you some time looking it up. Inside the plastic bag was this:

On the various forums and social media groups most seem to like the JT brand and report it as being good quality with good wear mileage. The odd person, normally overly vocal (isn’t that always the case?) screams about them being rubbish and swears you should only ever use the MT07 OEM 16T sprocket at twice the price. Others report 15k miles and zero problems. I tend to believe the guys who’ve actually used the product but we’ll soon find out.

After looking it over it looks decent to me. It has the same rubber anti-vibration pads as the OEM 15T and let’s face it: Yamaha don’t make their own sprockets. They will be bought in from one of the large manufacturers like.. JT. I have no idea who they purchase from but it could well be JT. Who knows? Tomorrow I’ll fit this and weather holding and family commitments allowing, I’ll give it a test and report back.


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