I do like a challenge and manufacturing brackets and parts myself is one of my favourite pastimes. However.. there are also days when it’s nice to install a really simple bolt on mod. Minimum hassle, maximum pleasure. The Yamaha T700 OEM Chain Guide is one of those mods! It’s a nice quality product, looks good and does what it should.

It would be difficult to find a mod that’s easier to install than this and probably even more difficult to find one that’s more overpriced but hey ho.. I actually purchased this used for £35 which is about 40% of the new price so I can’t personally complain. At £90 it wouldn’t be going on my bike, tho.

It should have been a 10 minute install and it was certainly close to that. However, I decided to replace the original nuts with Nylon Locking Nuts and that slowed me down by at least 2 minutes. 🙂

All in all there’s not much more to say. It does what it says on the tin, is a very quick install but is it worth 90 quid? Well, you decide.


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